Day 0- the chaos before the chaos

Well, here we go. There’s a fridge in our dining room and our kitchen is in boxes. Appliances are on their way from Melbourne and we literally have a kitchen sink in a box under the dining room table.

Yup, we’re starting our kitchen renovation today. Nervous, excited, relieved- and a bit worried. I spent the weekend cooking and packing and now it’s time to start!

Our couch is under plastic (as is most of the downstairs now), so we’re ready to start what will be an interesting few weeks of living through a renovation. All we need now is the demolition crew. They’re already 15 minutes late- which I think is standard for tradies

So, we’re ready to get started. Let the chaos begin. I’ll try to update everyone daily- wish us luck!

Meatloaf! The last thing our oven cooked!
Hopefully this wall will not be here later today…

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