The big 3-5

I cannot actually believe that I’m 35.

35 sounds old- like pets, houses, kids and hover cars old.  I thought when I turned 35 in 2015 I would have at least one of each (thank you back to the future) and I would probably be really depressed about not having any of those things if everything weren’t so good.  34 was amazing, it may be controversial but I’m going to call it my best year ever.  Of course there were some set backs- but even a broken toe didn’t slow me down.   Well, it did but only physically!  34 was a year where more things went right than wrong.
I scored an amazing husband, had an amazing holiday, learned to make a soufflé, started a job that I like and had my mom come visit.  I mean really- how could 35 top that?
Of course, I’m rooting for 35 to be better- I don’t want to have peaked at 34.  That would be….sad, depressing, and really awkward for the next 50 or so years.  I’m hoping 34 was the start of a long road up- rather than the apex.   35 is off to a good start so far, I mean already I have the two people I love most in the world in the same city and on the same couch.  That Never happens- ever!  
So, hopefully 35 and I are going to be friends, I’m liking it so far, and who knows in 364 days I might be waving to you from the window of my hover car… You never know!!!


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