oh….and we have a garden…

Well, I have the beginnings of a garden.

After two trips to Bunnings, I have two dead herb plants, and a raised garden bed full of potential.  Eggplant, cherry tomato, cucumber, pepper, mint, chili, rosemary, and flowers may grow in our garden.  I also sowed seeds- sunflowers, wild flowers, rosemary, coriander, and parsley which *may* also turn into something.

September and October 2014 071

I’m not optimistic.  But you never know, now that I’m a wife and a semi-grown up, I may actually learn to garden.  It probably would have been helpful if I had read up on how to plant plants beforehand- I’m not sure that my dig a hole and hope for the best method is the right way to go.   Apparently there are different soils, fertilizers, water and shade conditions to worry about so we’ll see what happens…. stay tuned.  I’m waiting with baited breath to see what happens…

In the meantime, we’ll be sitting in our new hammock, waiting for something to happen!September and October 2014 025


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