You’re UN-Belize-ABLE!!!!

So let me first start by saying the Belizean tourist bureau has NOT sponsored this post, but if they are reading it, I would be more than happy to come back to Belize as your guest and write more.

Secondly, I don’t think we could have picked a better spot for our honeymoon. San Pedro has been amazing. Every meal we have had has been delicious, the people have been so warm and friendly, the weather has been amazing, The Phoenix hotel is giving Qualia a run for it’s money as my favorite hotel ever, and the activities we have done have been great! Most of all, I feel at home here and it has nothing to do with being half Belizean. Belize is an easy, laid back place to vacation. Nothing is a hassle, it’s clean and very pleasant. My only regret is that I didn’t come sooner.

The Runner has had a great time too- he snorkeled with sharks and petted a stingray. We have both discovered the joys of a spiced rum and coke in the afternoon. He discovered a crossfit gym near the hotel that he keeps threatening to go to and loves the relaxed and laid back pace.

We visited Mayan ruins at Lamanai and stopped for roadside tacos in Orange Walk along the way. Lamanai was really incredible. It is the site of one of the oldest Mayan ruins in Belize, it was a city of 60,000 people that was inhabited for 3000 years before being abandoned just after the Spanish arrived in the mid 1500s. Archaeologists have unearthed 2% of the buildings there- that’s right only 2% of the 7000 buildings they believe are there. It is truly breathtaking and humbling to think about a city that was inhabited for longer than most cities we visit today and yet was abandoned completely and swallowed up by the jungle for 400 years. Even London has not been around for 3000 years- can you imagine if London were abandoned and 400 years later people uncovered 2% of it? Mind boggling.

Far and away the best part of the trip was catching up with family- most of whom I have not seen in over 20 years or more- and some I had never met before! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, and it made me realise how important family is. Connecting with new parts of my family even as The Runner and I start building the blocks of “our” family was the best experience in the world!

Belize is and was truly an unBelizeable experience!


One thought on “You’re UN-Belize-ABLE!!!!

  1. Stephanie, you and “the runner” look so happy. It was greatbaeeing you. I really enjoyed your wedding and wish you and Gary happiness and love forever. Loved your impressions of Belize. It made me want to go too. Much love, Aunt Juanita

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