It’s the final countdown!

I have to say I’m so excited and nearly jumping out of my skin. It’s our wedding day today. Already the last 18 hours have been super special and super amazing!

Last night we had our wedding welcome reception and it was one of the best nights ever!

It was a family reunion mixed with a Duke reunion mixed with a night out with friends mixed with the best party I’ve ever been to! And it was crazy to think that The Runner and I were the only common denominator in the room full of wonderful, interesting, funny people. I can honestly say that no matter what happens for the rest of the day, last night was an experience that I will always treasure. So much love in one room and so many people who I love in the same place.

It also made me sad- because it is such a rarity. It’s not often enough that relatives and friends just come together for happy occasions. And it’s even worse because The Runner and I are so far away in Australia. We both have amazing family and amazing friends and it was so wonderful to have them all together. I can’t speak for The Runner but it was one of the most amazing nights ever– probably only to be topped by tonight (hopefully!)

All it can say is I’m feeling the love and getting excited!



One thought on “It’s the final countdown!

  1. I’m so happy you are having an amazing time and surrounded by people who love you. I wish so much I could have been there, but I too love you very much and hope you have a beautiful wedding. Xoxoxo

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