Melbourne and focus

So if I’ve been a bit quiet lately it’s because The Mom has put the hard word on me and has forced me to get off Pinterest and actually start thinking about the wedding. The wedding that we’re actually having, not my Barbie fantasy Pinterest wedding with matching mason jars, hand crocheted personalised favors and a harpist who can somehow play all of jay z’s greatest hits accompanied by a cellist (celloist?) playing Coldplay mixed in while doves and butterflies are released. Just kidding, I hate birds and butterflies.

Seriously though, The Mom has tightened the screws and told me to get serious and focus. And that has put the fear of the wedding gods and my mother into me. I think the last time she told me to hunker down and focus I was probably in high school procrastinating a science project or math assignment I didn’t want to do.

So I’ve been focusing or trying to at least. Seriously, if I spent this much time, energy and effort planning every day of my life, I’m pretty sure I would have taken over the world by now. I didn’t even think or plan this much when I went to college or moved to Australia. I’m pretty sure I just bought a ticket, packed a bag and left all within about 6 months. (Possible exaggeration alert, I’m sure those closest to me would tell a different story but they’re not here so we’ll go with my version of a three step move).

So, not only have I been stuck in wedding decor hell, but we also away. We were in Melbourne!

The Runner and I go down every year for the tennis and every year I fall in love with Melbourne a little bit more. So much so that every year The Runner threatens to ban me from next year’s trip if I don’t shut up about how amazing Melbourne is and how great it would be to live there!

Melbourne is a slow burn, it’s not a city that smacks you in the face with a Harbour or an opera house or a bridge or a beach. The whole place is just really, understated and quietly confident and cool. It takes a while to realise how amazing it is.

It’s really different from Sydney in nearly every way. Some people compare it to LA vs New York or maybe Miami vs New York. Or [insert city with beach] and New York or London but much, much, much, much cleaner.

Sydney is like an only child, a bit bratty, a bit hyper active, and a bit in your face. Sydney was raised to believe it is special, because it’s parents told her how unique and special and one of a kind she is- just like everyone else. Sydney wants you to like her, no she needs you to LOVE her. Sydney needs to know that she’s the prettiest, most wow city in Australia. Sydney’s the prom queen or head cheerleader- really pretty but possibly a bit superficial.

Melbourne is like a cool big sister or the friend of a friend who was just that small bit older than you and seemed to have it all figured out. You want to get to know her and be like her and find out what’s so cool about her but she’s always one step ahead and full of secrets. She’s not going to give you a list of the “in” places to go, she’s going to give you lane ways and hidden door ways and let you stumble upon a few amazing places that you never want to leave.

Melbourne doesn’t care if you like her, she’s kind of a pain to get to from the airport, her weather is so changeable you will literally get four seasons in one day, if not one hour and lots of places aren’t labelled. You might be looking for a really cool bar or restaurant but without gps and the exact address you may never find it. Melbourne has crazy hook turns and hidden charms, it’s not in your face, you have to go wandering down Chapel St or through Fitzroy or down a lane way to find the really good stuff.

Every time I go to Melbourne I feel like I find 5 places I want to go back to or that I would love to check out- bars, shops, restaurants, suburbs, events- I think I could literally win the lottery and spend 3 months there shopping, eating and bar hopping and never get bored! And there’s so much art, sport and culture there that I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out on anything!

Anyhooo… If you haven’t been to Melbourne, get there! If for no other reason to form your own opinions about it, don’t expect to fall in love at first sight. The city isn’t pretty like Sydney, but if you want a city you can date and get to know better over time and fall in love with for its personality…. Melbourne will win every time!

Now back to figuring out what a peony is and why I might want one at my wedding!

And some photos from our trip!










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