Happy New Year!

Whilst it may be a bit premature (11 hours early actually!), I’d like to wish you all a very Happy 2014!

It’s going to be a big, exciting, fun filled year with so much amazingness to look forward to!  I hope that your 2014 will be just as exciting and wonderful and filled with family, friends, and more!

However, there is a serious side to the last day of the year.  It’s also the last day of December which means a new 30 day challenge starts tomorrow- and this one’s going to be tough!  The Runner and I are going to spend the next 30 days as Vegetarians.  That’s right, no meat, no fish until January 30th.  No bacon, no prawns, no steak, no chicken, no salmon.  As always, we’re going to have 3 free passes but overall it’s going to be pretty tough!

The Runner has already asked whether I have some vegetarian recipes up my sleeve….and I don’t- yet.  But I will…  I have 11 hours to go.

On behalf of The Runner and I, we wish you a 2014 full of love, health and laughter.

Goodbye 2013 and Goodbye meat (for a month), Hello 2014!!!!!!

happy 2014



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