Gluten Free Challenge- Day 3

“This is easy so far,” she says with a slightly overly optimistic laugh.  And it is– or has been easy so far.  I always knew that going Gluten Free would be one of the easier 30 days of this set of challenges.  I’ve been trying to stick with a low level of  gluten diet for the better part of the last 12 months so cutting out all together isn’t too bad.  Tonight is salmon with steamed veg and brown rice and amaranth, sunday night was beef and salad, I may have skipped dinner last night because the power was out– long story.

I’m beginning to talk about my 30 day challenge– because it’s a real thing now and not just something I’m talking to The Runner about maybe doing.  And it’s good, it’s keeping me honest and people have suggestions and ideas for what I can do.  

My trainer—who hopefully knew I was on an endorphin high after my Dance, Tone and Burn class when I spoke to him tonight and that I didn’t really mean it when I said, “let’s try kettlebells on Thursday morning, I want to feel the burn”, #thingsI’llregretsaying– separate story.  Anyway, I told my trainer about my 30 day challenge plan and my revitalised 11 month fitness kick, and he had some suggestions.  

One– I try 30 days of no carbs which just sounds horrible, and so I’m going to semi-dismiss for now.

And two, and this one is intriguing– “Nothing with a label”.  I’ll give you a moment to mull it over for a second and wrap your head around it.  Nothing packaged, nothing from a supermarket, he said not even an apple with a sticker on it (ok, he may have been joking with that one but maybe not.  But basically not eating anything wrapped, packaged, pre-made or bought.  Only proteins from the butcher and only fruit and veg.  I’m not sure whether you would be able to bake things or make things from scratch with flour or sugar– I need to investigate the rules for that one.  But I thought it was pretty interesting.  I might need some lead time on that one to get the veggie patch going but I could be up for it.  The best thing is,  I’m pretty sure you could still drink wine– but only if it’s cleanskin…  Hmmmm, maybe not but I’m happy to bend the rules!

Wish me luck for the next  27 gluten free days!


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