Costco and The Vitamix….

So The Runner and I had a fantastic day yesterday- we went out to see one of my besties in the Blue Mountains and spent the day with her husband and adorable two little boys.  It was great fun and loads of laughs. 

On the way home, The Runner and I stopped at Costco and The Runner had his first Australian Costco experience.  Costco is probably the most American thing in Sydney at the moment, it’s highly underrated by the uninitiated and it’s highly addictive once you’re in there!  The Runner has tried to avoid it like the plague, but it was on the way home last night and we needed a few things….

Ok, no one goes to Costco and comes out with 1 or 2 small items.  It is a bit ridiculous in some ways and yes, we did come home with 72 rolls of toilet paper and 1kg box of baby spinach.  Yes, you read that correctly 72 rolls of toilet paper.  Luckily in our new house, we do have loads of storage space– which we need now for the 2.2 kg of dishwasher tablets we bought!

The Runner was apprehensive about Costco at first but his feelings quickly changed when we spied the Vitamix.


The Vitamix.  The one piece of kitchen equipment that The Runner has ever actually wanted to buy and I haven’t.  

The Vitamix.  The one time I’ve ever seen The Runner research and read up on recipes and get excited about cooking.  He’s spent the last 6 months wanting one and researching various options– I actually wanted a blender to match my Kitchen Aid Mixer (pink!) but maybe we can paint the Vitamix pink.

The Runner doesn’t want much from the kitchen– unless you count the food coming out of it.  The one appliance that he’s had a man-crush on has been the Vitamix.  It blends, emulsifies, it chops, makes ice cream, soups…..apparently.  It’s like the swiss army knife of blenders or something…

It’s still in the box and is yet to be tested, but The Runner is super excited for all the soups and smoothies we’re going to be eating…. hmmmm.

I can’t say that I’m totally convinced on this one… but I’m willing to give it a go!   Stay tuned for our Vitamix adventures!





2 thoughts on “Costco and The Vitamix….

  1. Hi Steph, thanks for the post! I’ve been looking for the Vitamix in Sydney (one that won’t break my credit card!) and just wondering how much did you get it at Costco? And do you know if they still sell it there?

    Thanks! xx

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Costco definitely had them last time I was there about 4 months ago but I am not sure about now due to the random nature of Costco stock. I think it was just under $700 but I can’t quite recall. The Runner bought it as a present to himself so I didn’t pay as much attention to the price. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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