Me time and A bit of a let down…

Well, as you know I finished Les Miserables last week, after a long, drawn out battle with the book. I have to honestly say that now that it’s over, I really enjoyed the story and in the end, it was worth it- all 1600 pages.  

So this weekend while The Runner is away cycling for the weekend–  (He’s doing the Scody Three Peaks Challenge- 235km and three mountains in one day…. Nuts) I’ve been having some Me time, watching whatever I want on TV and sneakily having a bowl of ice cream (yes, I know I’m supposed to be detoxing but it was only one bowl!)  So last night, I watched Les Mis, the movie.  I wanted to watch it while the book was still fresh and to be honest, I was disappointed.  

It was only ok and having read the book, I feel like they glossed over a lot and left a lot out.  Granted at two and a half hours, it wasn’t a short movie, but I kind of felt like they didn’t really do the characters justice.  Obviously, I’ve just spent 3 months of my life surround by Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marius, and Javert so maybe I’m just a bit too close to them now to be obejctive, but I kind of felt ripped off.  It wasn’t the best representation of the book and I wasn’t overly impressed by the movie.  The performances were ok, but after 1600 pages of getting to know characters and their ins and outs, the movie didn’t quite feel right.  

I know I’ll have to watch it again with The Runner- I had promised to watch it with him, (oops) and maybe I’ll feel differently the second time around.  Hugh Jackman was good and it was visually striking, but I can understand why it didn’t have a strong showing at the Oscars.  

So for day 2 of me time, what’s in store???  No more ice cream (obviously)  I might bake some treats to take into work tomorrow…. or I might not, it’s quite nice having a Me day!  I might just go to yoga, do some errands, read the paper, and read my new book- Gone Gillian Flynn.  I started it yesterday and am already 20% through it….I already have a theory on whodunnit if you will, but I’ll keep that to myself for now!  


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