Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

I used to be indecisive, now I’m not so sure…. I feel like that’s the theme of the day.  Seriously, I can’t decide what to cook.  I’m tossing up whether to make a dessert- and whether to do Eggnog pie or chocolate chip cake.  I can’t decide on a main course either- seafood casserole, crab meatloaf or roast pork?  The only thing I have decided on is Ginger Ale Salad- which is weirder than it sounds.  Really I only want to make it because it involves using The Mom’s 1980s vintage Tupperware Jello moulds—yup the ones with interchangeable heart, Christmas tree, tulip and star tops that probably haven’t been used since 1988.  Plus, any recipe involving mayonnaise, fruit, and ginger ale is either going to be disgusting or disgustingly tasty!  I’m not sure which! Roast pork seems a bit boring- pot roast, isn’t overly thrilling as well.  But is crab meatloaf a step too far?


So you see, I’m a bit stuck.  And a bit indecisive as well. 

But I think I’m going to bite the bullet—the menu for tonight, The Mom’s favourite Mac and Cheese, Seafood Casserole , and Ginger Ale Salad. 

And in more good news, I found the book for $13—well $33 once they ship it to Sydney but rest assured, I will have my very own copy soon…  The Mom  won’t have to search my bags when I leave… or at least not for the book.


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