The countdown is on!

To our Thanksgiving party on Saturday….

Luckily I’m not working so rather than the normal mad dash preparations I can actually chill out, take my time, and procrastinate.   Ok, I’m not really procrastinating- yet, but the temptation is there.  It’s only Monday today, and the party’s on Saturday– plenty of time!  Seriously!  I already have the menu done (13 dishes I think!) and I’m not even going to do the shopping until Thursday afternoon when our Supercar arrives…  Yes, that’s right, for Supercar’s first outing we’re going to Costco!!!!

I’m not sure that I can really put into words how excited I am to take Supercar to Costco.  A bit sad, but come on, how good will Costco be with a huge car!

First of all, Supercar is a Station Wagon- according to the car insurance quote I got today (which makes me feel really old).  Secondly, compared to The Duchess, Supercar is massive-  an actual boot and a backseat that holds real live, full size adults- The Duchess has a backseat you could maybe fit a midget in.  Taking The Duchess to Costco is like trying to pack for a two week trip and only taking a carry on bag, Supercar will be like, I don’t know, going away for a two week trip and having a cargo plane filled with luggage.  So needless to say, I’m excited about taking Supercar to Costco, where everything is about 10x the size a normal person actually needs….  let’s just hope I don’t go overboard… because that wouldn’t be like me at all would it???


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