The Next Challenge- The Avoca Cafe Cookbook








So at last night’s challenge, the honor of picking the next cookbook went to the first guest who arrived– I think this might be a new He Runs, I Cook tradition.  Our guest, DC,  a lovely lad from County Cork, picked The Avoca Cafe Cookbook- a gift from The Runner from one of his first trips home.  Apparently The Avoca Cafe is really famous in Ireland and is in Wicklow- where The Runner is from.  Hopefully, The Runner and I will get to eat there when we’re back in Dublin in May.  I’ve made one or two things from this book in the past but I haven’t really delved too deeply into it.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it.   But alas, as luck will have it, we’re off to Noosa for one of the highlights of The Runner’s year, Noosa Triathlon.  My Avoca challenge will have to wait until we’re back.  Stay tuned for highlights from Noosa, the last two years have been amazing- and this one should be even better!




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