We’re Back…and it’s Belize week in our kitchen!

Mainly because The Runner and I are not ready to let go of the honeymoon yet, but also because the food that we had in Belize was just.so.tasty.  This week I’m going to be cooking out of the Belize cookbook that we bought on honeymoon (“Mmm… A Taste of Belize Cooking”).

 If I am honest, Belize week  actually  started on Thursday night with a salmon and avocado ceviche because we had some excellent Ceviche in Caye Caulker and after a full 24 hours of being back in Sydney, it sounded like a great idea!  I am probably finding re-entry after our 4 week holiday a little bit tougher than The Runner- which really shouldn’t be a surprise!

Last night I used the cookbook to make a seafood lasagne.  Now, it wasn’t quite the same because unfortunately conch and lobster are not as cheap and readily available in Sydney as it is in San Pedro.   In fact, I didn’t even ask the fishmonger about conch, and when I asked about lobster, he said he only stocks it at Christmas because it’s so expensive…. Clearly lobster will not be going in our Seafood lasagna because we didn’t with the $70M powerball lottery the other night.  So instead of snapper, prawns, conch, lobster, and crab, ours had snapper, prawns, scallops and  tinned crabmeat.  Close enough was definitely good enough in this case and there is lots leftover which I’m pretty happy about.  Contrary to popular belief, lasagne is a lot of work.  SO.MANY.STEPS—even with fresh pasta instead of dried pasta and even with seafood instead of beef.  At least for this recipe, the seafood cooks in the béchamel sauce so it’s not too bad, but there’s a reason no one does lasagna for one!

This morning I’m going to attempt a Fry Jack Recipe that I found on the internet.  Wish me luck!  If you haven’t been to Belize, it’s really hard to explain what a fry jack is.  We had them nearly every morning for breakfast and it’s basically like deep fried dough/bread.  That doesn’t quite do it justice but they are delicious.  The recipes that I have found on the internet don’t sound hard but these things never do until there is flour and oil in every conceivable crevice of the kitchen.   It will either be a great surprise when The Runner comes home from his cycling outing or there will be tears… or  possibly both!   If any Belizeans (relatives or otherwise) have any fry jack tips, please send them through!

For the rest of the week, we’re sticking with the Belize theme.  Tonight’s dinner is the classic Belizean dish- stewed chicken with rice and beans, Tuesday is Snapper Caribe with Coleslaw, Wednesday is Ginger Pork and Sweet Potato, and Thursday is Polenta and Mushrooms (it doesn’t strike me as being overly “Belizean” but it was in the book so it counts!)

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it and thinking about all of the delicious food we had on our honeymoon.  Our theme song for this week—“Don’t Stop Belize’n.”  We’ll be cooking and singing all week long!

Goodbye April, Goodbye Wine.

Farewell April, you’ve been awesome.  Eating what I want, celebrating my birthday, three public holidays from work- how could a month be any better?

But now it’s time to pay the piper. Waistlines have expanded and there are wedding dresses to fit into, bridal shower pictures to look back on, hens night outfits to find and honeymoon bikinis to wear– and I don’t want to be a fat bride with a chubby little face in wedding pictures captured for all eternity and future generations.  Not going to happen.  So it’s crunch time.  Time to pay the piper. Time to get real.

I have three months, 1 week and 2 days- 101 days and 52 minutes to be precise– but who is counting?!?  Ummmmm I am!

So I’m hatching a plan, well actually I’m hatching lots of plans, music playlists, RSVP lists, you get the drift.  But specifically the fun times are over in the He Runs, I Cook kitchen.

So here’s the plan-

Step 1:  30 day challenge

Yep, starting tomorrow we’re doing “No You May Not Drink in May”- yep alcohol free May!  And I’m putting it on the blog so that no one accuses me of having a little runner or little cook on the way.   It’s a 30 day challenge.  I repeat it’s a 30 day challenge, not a baby!

Step 2:  3 month detox

Yes, you read that right.  From May 9th, we’re doing a detox.  It’s one that a naturopath gave me a couple of years ago- basically it’s no wheat, no cow’s milk, no sugar, no shellfish, nothing fun really.   But it gets results.  I did it for 6 weeks last time and looked and felt great- I’m hoping that doing it for 12 weeks will help me look and feel twice as good!

Step 3:  Become BFF with my heart rate monitor

Basically, I’m going to exercise. More. A LOT More.  A Lululemon Lot More.  More cardio, more yoga, more Pilates, more Zumba, more Cycle, more who knows.. just more exercise.

Step 4:  Panic

Well, not really panic.  There’s no need to panic at this stage.  Panic will come after my dress has been altered and I’ve spent two weeks in the US without trying it on and it’s the night before the wedding and I’m worried that it won’t fit.  Then I will panic, pray and probably puke until it fits or someone sedates me.  Don’t laugh… It’s not outside of the realm of possibility but let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

So that’s my plan- I’m cautiously optimistic that I won’t need step 4– I mean if people on The Biggest Loser can lose half their body weight in 12 weeks then clearly I should be able to lose a kilo or two– right???

Wish me luck, I’m going to go finish a bottle of wine while it’s still April!  I’ll miss you my little red and white friends….