The 2nd Special Edition Podcast

I was fortunate enough to get asked back for a 2nd podcast with Professor Blakely– please enjoy it here. Obviously, it was recorded before all the breaking news of the past few days- but let’s be honest 2020 has been like one long, relentless breaking news bulletin.



It’s Voting Season!

Do you have your ballot? Do you have a plan to vote? Do your friends and neighbours? NOW is the time to make a plan and vote!

There’s only 1 month to go before the election. If you’re voting by mail, make sure you have requested and received your ballot. Remember you don’t have to use the postal service to send it back- you can drop it into your local board of elections.

If you’re voting in person, make sure you know where to go and make sure to wear a mask!

No matter how you vote, make sure you vote- and vote up and down the ballot. There are LOTS of guides to help you figure out who to vote for- so get out there and do it!

It’s October- that means it’s time to vote!

And watch this Instagram Live Video I recorded with the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Global Chair….

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one, because if you know me, well you’re probably more politically aware than the average bear. BUT PLEASE, VOTE!

I’ve even guest starred in a podcast telling people how important it is! It’s the first of a series….. crazy right!

Somewhere there is a video version of it too- I’ll share that one later!


Corona update week 4 or 400 who knows?

So, here we are in 2020- in lockdown and safe at home- but slightly bored. I can report that after 4 weeks in lockdown I have accomplished a few things, but not nearly as much as the Instagram Influencers and Motivated Mothers circulating around the internet. I feel both inadequate and accomplished at the same time.

Life skills learned: 1- thanks to a dumpling class taught by my colleague in Shanghai.  I have also learned that I love dumplings and that they’re extremely relaxing to make.   The best part is that Gary does not like dumplings and I’ve gotten to eat every single one that I Made and they are yummy!

New cooking fad appliances bought:  1 – well 2—maybe 3 if you include the Soda Stream birthday gift.  The only one I’ve bought is the Inova sous vide precision cooker, (and the vacuum sealer to go with it.)  I can already tell it’s going to be life changing for 6 months and then sit in the drawer untouched most of the year.  It’s pretty cool though- I’ve already made carrots and asparagus.  Gary was unimpressed.  They tasted great but they were pretty much just normal carrots and normal asparagus.  So, he doesn’t really get what all the fuss is about.

Hobbies attempted:  3- But so far only 1 has been successful and even that is early days.  Apparently I’ve started a garden from seed- I think the broccoli is growing and at least one or two other plants.  I had very low expectations so didn’t bother to mark what is growing where or read the instructions on how to grow it.  I just stuck the seeds in dirt and the dirt in  a pot and now there are green things growing.  Maybe broccoli or lettuce or tomatoes?  Who knows?  It’s like a quarantine wheel of plant fortunes.

So that led me to think about building a planter box for my new victory garden of broccoli and tomatoes- hopefully.  Luckily, Gary talked me out of DIY-ing it and building it myself.  Actually, it was common sense that made me realize it was a bad idea.  That, and asking Gary whether we had a saw and what pilot holes are, knowing full well that I have no business near a saw- and the likelihood of me putting together anything without instructions is low.  So I just ordered a planter box- which is probably a huge mistake since I have no idea how to garden or even what size I need.  How much dirt goes into a planter box and then what do you do next?

And the third hobby that I have attempted is needlepoint/cross stitch-  well I ordered a kit, which wasn’t in stock, and I’ve ordered two more that haven’t arrived.  By the time they come this lockdown will be over and I’m sure they will both be filed away in my drawer of broken dreams. 

I  would love to say that I’m using my corona-cation time wisely but I’m not and it’s not really a vacation.  I’m working full time, and even though I’m saving time commuting and putting on makeup and getting dressed, I still don’t quite have the free time that other people seem to to learn hobbies or organise their lives I’m not making clever videos or memes or macrame-ing anything or sewing a mask or even Kondo-ing my cabinets.  I’m watching Netflix and still have laundry I haven’t folded and books I’m meaning to read.   Not much has changed- it feels like we’ve been stuck on Tuesday for 4 weeks now.  I think I’ll be a bit sad when this is all Over if I have nothing to show for it- or maybe I’ll just have everyone over for sous vide broccoli and dumplings.

The best banana bread for the worst year…

So, 2020 is turning out to be a bit….well, let’s be honest it’s turning out to be a hard year to describe without swearing.  Not sure anyone, except makers of masks and pyjama pants would put it down as “the best year ever”.  To be fair, it started off with a lot of promise and optimism, but somewhere around March things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

However, there have been two upsides of 2020- (not including living in my pyjama pants and not wearing makeup)

1, I’ve been too worried about the entire world falling apart economically, socially, and virally (is that the right word?) to worry about turning 40 in 2 days.  It’s pretty hard to throw a pity party for turning 40 (or any party at all actually) when 2 billion people or more are locked in their houses and thousands of people are dying every day.

2,  I finally made Chrissy Teigan’s banana bread recipe.  And it is literally one of the best banana breads/cakes/baked items I’ve ever tasted.  The batter was so good I was eating it with a spoon.  I understand why twitter went nuts for this- it is delicious on so many different levels.  I have to say I’m not a banana bread person- I don’t normally make it, I don’t order it in cafes and if someone brings it in to work, I may or may not try it to be polite- because banana bread is a bit boring.  This has changed my tune.  This banana bread is next level, and exactly what my 2020, about to turn 40 self needed.  It definitely blurs the line between cake and banana bread, but the fact that it’s called Banana Bread in the recipe means I don’t feel guilty for eating it for breakfast.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Cake for Breakfast but this is Banana Bread which is a totally ok breakfast food.   Plus, it’s easy to make.  The hardest part was trying to save 6 ripe bananas from the banana eaters in my house.    It was so easy and so delicious, that it has saved 2020 from being the worst year ever.  Well- maybe not completely but discovering this little gem has certainly put a smile on our faces and something good in our bellies.

Thank you Chrissy for saving 2020.

Singapore- the food capital of the world!

Right now, I’m in Singapore for work. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t come here sooner! It is a foodie paradise. Everywhere you look there are beautiful displays of food, amazing smells and intriguing things to taste. Every type of cuisine, every type of dish.

In a perfect world, I would come back for a week and only pack stretchy pants and spend the week walking around and eating.

Chilli crab, kopi, Kaya toast, chicken rice….. and those are just a few of the things I’ve tried and loved.

I had heard amazing things about Singapore and I was not disappointed! Plus the whole city is decorated for Lunar New Year which gives it a festive feel!

We even did a traditional Long Hey ceremony to bring prosperity and happiness in the new year.

Enjoy the photos and video- and book your flight to Singapore soon!