OMG, I Can Eat That??



Is the name of this week’s cooking challenge cookbook.  Despite it’s crazy name, it’s actually pretty good and really good for my late summer pre-Ireland and US slim down!  

Last week I made Lamb loin dusted with dukkah with parsley and red onion salad with spicy roasted pumpkin.   It was really good and probably quite healthy!   It was also pretty easy to cook and definitely worth doing again.  

So this week’s challenge should be pretty good!   For this week’s Sunday Dinner, I’m making Chicken, Leek, and Mushroom Piemakins.  Jane Kennedy calls them a cross between a ramekin and a pie, hence the name piemakin.

My big hope is that Ramekins I have will be big enough to actually be adult sized servings…..hmmmmm….. might need to think about some good dessert options just in case my guests are still hungry!


Stay tuned!


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