Happy Ironman Eve!

Well here I am, Saturday morning at the airport on my way to Port Macquarie (yes, you can fly there!) for the Ironman! Despite going to the wrong terminal initially, I’m all checked in and will soon have a coffee in my hand!

The Runner drove up Thursday and has been soaking up the atmosphere with his fellow athletes. He arrived safely until he backed into a pole, and yes we do have a rearview camera. I set off the smoke alarm this morning with the shower so I really can’t give him too much grief!

I’m flying up today because of work and well, I turn feral and throw tantrums after more than 2 days of triathlon talk. Seriously, there’s only so much spandex and energy gel talk a girl can take!

But I am excited to get there and to support, I know the nerves will have kicked in by the time I get there as the race will be less than 24 hours to go!

Airports are pretty cool places for people watchers like me, so I’m chilling for the moment and enjoying the calm before the storm!!!

See you up there!