Let’s take this show on the road!

So here I am at Sydney airport- for once I’ve gotten here ridiculously early so my companion and I have had time to chill out and get into mischief. We’ve gotten our eyebrows tinted and waxed, claimed our tax back, bought a lipstick and we’re now having champagne. And we still have an hour to go!

This is possibly the most excited I’ve ever been about anything ever. Seriously, I get why Elizabeth Taylor got married 7 times, it’s the most exciting, gratitude inspiring, warm, happy and loved I’ve ever felt– and it’s still three weeks away! The number of times someone has said congratulations in the last 2 hours let alone the last 15 months has been– overwhelming! It’s only really hitting me now how exciting and how close it is, and I literally feel like a shaken champagne bottle that’s about to blow it’s top. Literally. So. Happy. Excited. And thankful for friends, family, my fiancée and all the strangers and their well wishes. So overwhelmed and happy and this is only the beginning of the next three weeks!


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