Happy 2018!

Wow-2017 went by in a blur but I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting years ever.  So exciting that I barely had time to write about it!

The source of all the excitement was, of course, The Baby.    And for a little person, he certainly took up a lot of time and provided more laughter and smiles than anything else I’ve ever experienced.  I can’t believe he’s 12 months old now- 54 weeks to be exact- and is now officially The Toddler thanks to his amazing and improving walking skills.

Motherhood has been a challenge but a fun one and through it all we’ve still been eating and I’ve still been cooking – not as elaborately as before but hey, no one has starved.   The most challenging part of motherhood at the moment is what to feed The Toddler and how to come up with easy, delicious meals which he will eat in under 45 minutes without destroying the carpet, clothing and requiring showers for both of us after.  Luckily, he is an adventurous eater who loves to try new foods especially if it comes from someone else’s plate.

My New Year’s Resolution this year- aside from keeping The Toddler alive for another 12 months- is to get back to writing and doing and cooking interesting things worth writing about at least 1-2 times per month.   I don’t think there will be a lot of fine dining restaurants reviewed but anywhere with a high chair and any meal that can be cooked with just one hand is fair game!


P is for potato

Starting with kitchen basics- but not quite ready for kitchen duty yet! 

 This is the reason I haven’t been writing more or cooking more recently!

It’s been an amazing 11 weeks with The He Runs, I Cook kid.  Lots of sleepless nights, diapers, and tears (from both of us!). But he’s an amazing little guy who has doubled in size since he came into the world so like his parents he loves his food!

We’re starting to get into more of a routine with Little T so hopefully I’ll be able to share more of our future cooking adventures!

For now, here are a few more photos out of the thousands (literally!) that I’ve snapped over the last 78 days!

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A Birth Day Cake

So tomorrow, we get to meet Our Son.  After months of seeing him on an ultrasound and weeks of feeling him move and kick and wiggle inside me, tomorrow we will finally come face to  face.

It’s a pretty surreal feeling and if I’m  honest, I still don’t totally comprehend the fact that in 12 hours from now, The Runner and I will be sitting (or lying) down in hospital waiting to be taken into an operating theatre.  It’s been a long, not always easy journey to get this far, but I’m so happy and thankful that we have nearly made it to the finish line….. Or maybe it’s the only the starting line really!

Either way, we’re here.   And we will soon be three.  A cook, a runner and a little boy who is full of possibilities.  

In the last few weeks, we have had lots of lasts or at least “lasts for a while” but tonight is a first.  Tonight, I am baking a first birth day cake for our son.  A Tres Leches Cake which hopefully The Runner will remember to bring me slices of this week in hospital- it’s going to be a pretty big week and I reckon cake is good for recovery!

Our new project….

Actually has nothing to do with cooking or triathlons, but it promises to be life changing…. And it’s due to arrive in January 2017.

We’re obviously thrilled to welcome our new little cook/triathlete into the world and really excited to share our newest project with you!

I think if you look closely, it’s already practicing cycling in the video- and yes, it’s a bit alien like at the moment, but we fully expect him (or her) to only get cuter from here!

BABY 12 WEEKS_17 labelled

Yellow: Eat Your Veggies!

Yellow:  It’s the name of The Runner’s favorite Coldplay song and the name of a not so new vegetarian restaurant in Potts Point.

Normally, when someone brings up dining at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant I turn up my nose and immediately start thinking of reasons why I can’t go- (organising a wine rack? washing my hair? writing a blog post? Laundry? Any excuse that seems slightly plausible will do!)  It’s not that I’m anti-vegetable or anti-vegetarian- I love vegetables (even beetroot on certain occasions) and we tend to have a good mix of plant based and meat based dishes during the week at home.  We’ve been vegan and vegetarian during our 30 day challenges, but for some reason I tend to associate Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants with boring beans with tofu and a clientele who look like they should be playing hacky sack on the quad rather than sophisticated, urbane diners.

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Raindrop Cake? About as fun as actual rain….

So, I like to think of myself as a pretty trendy sort of chick….. wow, I sound like a middle-aged woman… Well, I am in my mid-30s now, so I guess I should embrace it….

Anyway, I like to try to stay on top of trends and one of the latest trends to sweep the food world, is that of the Raindrop Cake.


The Raindrop cake is inspired by a Japanese dessert Mizu Shingen Mochi that originated from Japan (thanks Captain Obvious!) but then migrated from Japan to New York and New York to Sydney via the Internet.

Now, for starters, calling this a cake, is like me calling myself a Doctor or a Beekeeper.  I’m not either.  This is not a cake.

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